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Biden, once counted out, rebounds on Super Tuesday


Wednesday March 4, 2020


For a candidate left for dead just weeks ago, Joe Biden has scored a dramatic comeback in the Democratic White House race, capped by victories over chief rival Bernie Sanders in a majority of the 14 states contested on Super Tuesday.

After going zero for three in the first early voting contests last month, Biden's White House hopes were suddenly revived with early projected wins in major southern battlegrounds Virginia, North Carolina and Alabama.

He went on to score wins in Tennessee, Arkansas, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and rival Elizabeth Warren's state of Massachusetts.

"They haven't buried me yet," the 77-year-old former vice president told ecstatic supporters in Los Angeles.

"I'm here to report, we are very much alive!"

Despite being heavily outspent by Sanders and with only patchwork organization on the ground in some states, Biden claimed what he cheekily called the "#Joementum" in a tweet.

But he hardly has a cakewalk to the Democratic nomination and the right to face Donald Trump in November.

He must out-duel Sanders, the self-declared democratic socialist, in a battle for a majority of the delegates who formally pick the nominee at the party convention in July.

Sanders, 78, seized the early advantage by securing the most votes in Iowa, which kicked off the race, and the next two states.

He claimed victories Tuesday in Colorado, Utah, his home state of Vermont, and was projected by exit polls to win California, the largest US state, with its motherlode of 415 delegates at stake.

In Texas, the night's second biggest prize with 228 delegates, Biden looked set to break even or narrowly defeat Sanders.

If Biden also stays competitive in California, he may well be the delegate leader by the time the Super Tuesday dust settles, showing he is able to build a broad coalition of voters.

"Maybe not quite the equal of Lazarus," veteran television anchor Dan Rather tweeted, "but I haven't seen a political back-from-the-dead story quite like Joe Biden's."