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Investment Authority boss Jolly Kaguhangire sent on forced leave

Tuesday June 26, 2018
Jolly Kaguhangire sent on forced leave

Suspended UIA ED Jolly Kaguhangire 

In Summary

The Executive Director (ED) of the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) Ms Jolly Kaguhangire has been interdicted by Authority's Board of Directors.

In a letter NTV has seen, the Executive Director was ordered by the Board chairman Emely Kugonza to stay out of office for a period of 3 months, and during this period, the Board chairman says Mr Basil Ajer, a director in charge of SMEs will be the acting Executive director.

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Mr Kugonza's letter interdicting the Executive director lists a litany of allegations against her, and they include; Abuse of office, Insubordination, Misleading and lying to the board, Defying the Ministry of Finance, and Corruption.

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He also notes that a committee will be instituted to investigate the allegations against Ms Kaguhangire.

The UIA Executive Director has been the subject of numerous whistleblowers' reports in different tabloids accusing her of abuse of office, and the decision by the board appears to have been driven by the allegations in these reports.