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Added: 2 years 8 months ago

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Museveni reacts to Mbabazi's 2016 Presidential bid
President Museveni reacts to the Amama Mbabazi's declaration that he will stand for president in 2016.

President Museveni, in a recorded statement circulated to the media last night, hit back at former premier Mbabazi, saying he served the system whose weaknesses he seeks to solve.

“…our method of work does not involve that kind of conduct; neither the party nor the electoral commission has announced the dates of elections. I therefore do not think it is proper for the Rt Hon Mbabazi to waste your time with that premature electioneering,” the president said. 

Responding to Amama Mbabazi’s eight-point programme, should he be elected, the President said Mbabazi was given a chance to serve as Prime Minister and he did not effect those programmes.