Security officers search hotel where General Kayihura is a regular

Tuesday June 12, 2018
Kale kayihura

Former Police chief General Kale Kayihura. 

Security operatives are said to have conducted a search operation at Courtyard International Hotel in Lyantonde District.

A resident at the hotel told NTV that a search was conducted at about 6 pm but no reason was given.

However, a source told NTV that the operatives were reportedly looking for former Police Chief General Kale Kayihura

Former IGP Kale Kayihura has been a regular at the hotel.

Gen Kayihura also owns a farm at Katebe village, Kasagama in Lyantonde District.

The operatives also searched the nearby Sky Blue hotel.

CBS radio reports that the operatives were looking for the former Police chief.

This is a developing story.........