Pastor's wife arrested for kidnapping herself

Tuesday June 12, 2018

When Miriam Kusuubira went missing on 6th June, her presumed kidnappers called her relatives demanding for 50 million shillings to set her free.

Police, however, cast doubt on these claims. 

As they tracked Miriam Kusuubira’s, Police discovered that she had faked her kidnap. 

She was arrested on Monday at the home of one her own biological children in Masajja - Kakajjo zone.

Mariam is now under arrest and is being detained at Katwe police station to help police with investigations into giving false information related to self-kidnap.

Miriam Kusuubira is the wife of Pastor Shadrach Kusuubira of Noah's Ark Church in Kikajjo-Masajja.

She was found at the home of one of her daughters in Masajja-Kikajjo.

Police said the woman connived with a man they identified as Angello Ssembooze, a resident of Kirinnya in Masaka, who she is believed to be having an affair with.