Museveni orders Finance Minister to buy new pickups for MPs' army guards

Wednesday July 11, 2018

President Museveni has ordered more protection for Members of Parliament in addition to police guards.
In a letter to the Minister of Finance, the President says, ''this will be done as  I wait for the putting in place of these systems since they are being singled out.'' 

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MPs in Uganda already have some police guards, and he says those will stay with them, however, he adds that sharpshooters will also join these escorts, and will be the ones that use the pickups.

Museveni also says the pickups will be protected against small arms bullets. ''I can assure you they will not be interesting targets for terrorists using Kalashnikovs'' He said.

 He also adds that the sharpshooters themselves should get personal body armour and helmets that are bullet-resistant, and so should the police guards.

 He directed the Minister to expedite the process for acquiring the fleet of new 4 wheel drive pickups with open carriage beds, and he says they will be part of the UPDF fleet.

This order comes a few weeks after the president listed ways in which he would protect Uganda, and comes almost a month after Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga was shot dead near his home in Kawanda. Abiriga was with his brother Saidi Buga Butele in his VW car when he was killed.

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