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Patients suffer as intern doctors lay down tools
Despite the interns’ strike, operations at Mulago hospital continued albeit at a slower pace than usual as some interns had defied the order for industrial action and continued attending to patients

Earlier this week medical Interns working at public hospitals announced that they were going to begin a sit-down strike in protest over poor working conditions, delayed payments and even no pay for some of the intern doctors.


As the sit-down strike goes into day four, The Spokesperson for Mulago National Referral Hospital  Enock Kusasira has said that the payments for the intern Doctors have been made.

However, some intern doctors they have told NTV that they have not received any money on their accounts.


The intern Doctors on strike say the claims of payment are false.

The medical Interns on strike are mainly those working in Mulago National Referral Hospital and its extensions of Kiruddu and Kawempe.

The Mulago spokesperson admits that the sit down strike has partly affected the hospital’s operations but they have managed the situation.


NTV visited the emergency point at Mulago Hospital and found some interns and Doctors attending to patients, however, it was evident that they were few in number.

Nalubega Sarah is one of those who have been affected by the intern strike. Her son was shot last night and he was rushed to Mulago hospital.


Nalubega says she had to wait for a long time before a doctor was available to attend to her son.

The Intern Doctors says they will continue with the strike until their demands given attention by the relevant authorities.