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HEALTH FOCUS: Different options for dealing with hair loss
Hair loss can be the result of hereditary factors, hormonal changes, medical conditions or even medication. It can affect just your scalp or your entire body.

Besides being a famous footballer, Wayne Rooney also made headlines when he announced that he had undergone a hair transplant to have his receding hairline restored.PIC of Rooney before and after.

Just like Rooney many people around the world have to deal with the problem of hair loss, most commonly manifested as baldness.

Baldness typically refers to excessive hair loss from your scalp.

Hereditary hair loss with age is the most common cause of baldness.

Some people prefer to let their baldness run its course untreated and unhidden. Others may cover it up with hairstyles, makeup, hats or scarves.

And still others choose one of the treatments available to prevent further hair loss and to restore growth.Unity Skin Clinic in Kampala is one of the three health facilities in Africa that currently carry out hair transplants and replacement. The others being in South Africa and Kenya.

It is here that we interacted with a trichologist, Dr. Haruna Nsubuga to help us understand more about hair loss.

Dr. Nsubuga says that hair loss can be described as thinning where one’s hair can no longer grow in its original quantity or alopecia where one’s hair can not grow at all…Dr. Nsubuga adds that hair loss manifests differently in both females and males...Hair loss can appear in many different ways, depending on what is causing it.

It can come on suddenly or gradually and affect just your scalp or your whole body. Some types of hair loss are temporary, and others are permanent.


Most people normally shed 50 to 100 hairs a day.

This usually doesn't cause noticeable thinning of scalp hair because new hair is growing in at the same time.

Hair loss occurs when this cycle of hair growth and shedding is disrupted or when the hair follicle is destroyed and replaced with scar tissue.

Hormonal changes, family history medical conditions are some of the known causes of hair loss...Common infections too can damage the hair follicles thus affecting their growth.There is also a number of risk factors that can trigger hair thinning and hair loss...These include stress, poor nutrition and autoimmune illnesses like lupus...Before pursuing hair loss treatment, Dr. Nsubuga advises that you talk with your doctor about the cause of the hair loss and the best treatment options.Dr. Nsubuga says though the patient ratio between males and females may be even, more females prefer to under go treatment.

The treatment comes in many different forms...

And if you are completely bald, then a hair transplant is recommended...


During a transplant, hair is picked from the back of your head and planted to a part without hair

This is why the hair at the back of the head is preferred.....


All these processes are painless according to Dr. Nsubuga. And once completed, you are advised to go for review for the next six months.

And for better results, you will have to follow a number of doctor’s orders including protecting your head...


However, there are some side effects to this process. But Dr. Nsubuga says these are not threatening...


For this kind of treatment, you will have to part with about six million shillings. But, normally, that is for a wide bald. Pricing, according to Dr. Nsubuga is dependent on your condition....


We spoke to this gentleman after his platelet rich plasma medication and this is what he had to say......


To prevent hair loss, you are advised to eat a nutritionally balanced diet, avoid tight hairstyles such as braids, buns or ponytails, avoid compulsively twisting, rubbing or pulling your hair, treat your hair gently while washing and brushing and avoid harsh treatments such as hot rollers, curling irons, hot oil treatments and permanents.